Dressing Guide

Dressing Guide

The joy of exercise is a sum of many factors. By dressing appropriately, you can ensure comfort in all situations. Besides the requirements of various sports and activities, your personal characteristics – such as physical condition, age, and gender – should affect your choice of gear. Don’t forget to consider weather conditions, such as temperature, wind-force, and rain.

The three-layer rule

The purpose of the layer closest to the skin is to keep you dry. The most suitable materials are technical synthetic fibres or wool, which effectively absorb and transfer body moisture to the outer layers.

Intermediate layer
The purpose of the intermediate layer is to keep your body at a suitable temperature and to receive the moisture transferred from the innermost layer. Suitable materials include fleece and wool. By altering the number and quality of intermediate layers, you can adjust your clothing for various weather conditions.

Outer layer
The purpose of the outer layer is to ensure complete protection from wind and rain, for both the user and the inner layers of clothing. The layers under the outer layer can be adapted to the weather. The durability, breathability, and comfort of the outer layer are a combination of the material and technical solutions (such as ventilation openings).

Consideration for all body parts
Don’t forget headgear to match the weather. A significant proportion of body warmth evaporates through the head and neck area. The hands and feet too should be protected in accordance with the three-layer rule.