The Airborne club of Finland having a hike to North pole

The Airborne Ranger Club of Finland

The Airborne Ranger Club of Finland tests Sasta outfits in the ultimate conditions. Close co-operation started with Kari"Poppis" Suomela, journalist and photographer, and has proved extremely fruitful for Sasta product development.

Spring 2005, the Airborne Ranger Club of Finland tested Sasta products during their expedition to the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Their aim was to climb to the Mount Everest without any external help and achieve the peak in the end of May, 2005.


Spring 2006 the Airborne Ranger club of Finland carried out an unsupported north pole expedition. Skiers started their voyage in Ward Hunt, North Canada in the beginning of March and reached the North pole 29th of April.

Expedition consisted of seven skiers, who dragged their own equipment in their individual sledges.