Guarantee and Repair Service

Guarantee and Repair Service

Please note: Repair shop is on summer break on July. 

We give clothing and accessories of our production a warranty of at least one year. The warranty covers material and manufacturing defects. Depending on the defect, a product covered by the warranty will be mended or, if mending is not possible, replaced with a new, similar, or equivalent product. With Gore-Tex® products, we follow Gore’s GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY policy.

Gore provides direct assistance to consumers in the unfortunate event they have an issue with their product and need to inquire whether it is covered under the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRYTM promise. Consumers receive a high level of service expected from the GORE-TEX brands, with the execution of the promise according to our established warranty policies, condition-based acceptance criteria and common practices. Gore is taking care directly of the evaluation going forward.The decision on whether a product is covered by the Gore-Tex® warranty is made based on case-specific evaluation of the material, in view of its condition and age, in accordance with instructions from W. L. Gore & Associates. Each product for which a claim has been made will be inspected and tested in the manner required. When the evaluation has been completed and if the product is deemed to meet the warranty conditions, it will be either mended or replaced with a new product. The warranty does not cover wear resulting from normal use or damage resulting from improper use or poor care. Here you will find links to Gore-Tex™ website, where you can find their Consumer Service (Care & Support / Guarantee and Returns / Contact Us) and their complaint form.

The telephone number for Gore’s Europe wide Consumer Service is 00800-2314-4000.

We would like to remind you that if the product has a manufacturing defect, for example the snap button has come off, Sasta is naturally responsible for the defect and will repair or replace the product.

We believe in taking full mileage of your clothing and repairing them when needed. This is why we have offered a repair-service in Nurmes since 1969.
We repair products of our own production in our sewing shop as required and within the realms of possibility. The most typical repairing tasks requested of us include zip replacement, patching of tears, and shortening and lengthening of sleeves and legs. We generally charge for repairing tasks by the hour. Our hourly rate is €40.

Repair 1/2 h (minimum charge) 20 e
Repair 1 h 40 e
Zipper replacement 35 e
Sleeve / leg end lengthening (with adjustment) 50 e
Sleeve / leg end shortening (with adjustment) 45 e
Sleeve / leg end lengthening (staight) 40 e
Sleeve / leg end shortening (staight) 35e
Materials are included. 


Other repairing tasks
The pricing for other repairing tasks will be agreed upon separately on a case-specific basis.

Postage will be added to the price. Repaired products will be returned as cash-on-delivery parcels, with mending costs and postage charged when the package is delivered. For customers from abroad we have prepay system.

Note: Please inform Sasta of any repair before sending the product, by e-mail at sasta(at) or by telephone at +358 (0)207 424 430 (Monday - Thursday 10 am - 1 pm). After you have informed Sasta, you will receive detailed sending instructions and an estimate of the return date.

Any claims or requests for mending under warranty should be sent to the following address, with the product properly packed:

602 631
Sasta Oy / reklamaatiot
Eteläinen Kauppatori 4
75500 NURMES, Finland

In Finland, the package can be sent via Itella’s free customer-return service. Write the contract number, 602 631, on the package.

Please include the following information inside the package:
• sender’s contact information
• a brief description of the defect and any special observations
• a copy of the purchase receipt

Please note that the product must be delivered to us clean. If the product requires washing before the warranty mending, we will charge €5 for this washing. If the defect is deemed to be due to normal wear or caused by the customer (by, for example, incorrect washing), the warranty does not apply. In such cases, the mending will be charged for in accordance with our mending price list, and the postage too will be collected from the customer.
The processing time for claims is 2–3weeks.

Don’t forget to ask for a receipt for your customer return at the post office and keep it safe.